There is no free lunch in this world and this is true in every respect. Either you have to pay for getting something or you have to work hard, but what if I tell you that you can earn cash by downloading an app. Yes, you heard it right, earn cash and more from a free game marketplace app. This has been made possible by MeshBean.

To earn FREE money, all you need to do is download this app, and it will automatically recommend the new and popular games to you. Just download them and earn coins. It is so much easy that anyone can do it. The coins you get can be exchanged for steam, PayPal cash, Amazon Gift cards, Playstation, Xbox, Prepaid Credit Card, iTunes gift card, League of Legend Credits and many more. Rewards just pour from the app; all you need to do is to grab them.

MeshBean does not only give you chance to earn rewards as you discover new apps but it also allows you refer friends and earn level bonus. It is amazing to find such an app that actually makes you earn from your smart phone. There are features of the app that shall grab your attention.


  • The latest updated version add 1,000 coins bonus for first time check in.
  • They add “knock egg game” in the latest version to allow users earn more coins with the game.
  • You can get rewards by downloading game apps suggested by MeshBean, in form of coins.
  • The coins can be exchanged for different gifts such as steam, PayPal cash, Amazon Gift cards, Play station, Xbox, Prepaid Credit Card, iTunes gift card, League of Legend Credits and many more.
  • It is better to save the coins and earn more so that you get bigger and better rewards in the exchange.
  • There is a referral program organized by the app. You get 5% of the coins from your referral’s earning. You can earn 3% and 1% respectively from level 2 and 3. The more your referrals earn, the more would be your earning. More info here:
  • Redeeming from the app is quite easy. Just check your balance, and check the existing redemption options. Click on the amount of coins and you will get the gift in your kitty.

Summary: MeshBean is a free game marketplace app that does not charge you anything, but gives you opportunity to earn a lot of money. It is like a game app marketplace with rewards of downloading.

Good: New partners and new apps are being added to the app providing you new opportunities to earn.
They have a three level reward system in their referral program, which mean you can earn pretty good amount of coins just by referring your friends.

Bad: The app is an earning machine but the earning can be a bit slow. But you can play their “knock egg game” to earn more coins in their latest version.